Sophie’s new favorite word is “cuddle”.

It took me a while to figure out what she was saying, though. She stood by my chair as I was eating my lunch and said it over and over again. I picked up one object after another and to each she said a firm, “No.” But she kept saying that word.

Finally, though I had no idea what she was asking for, I lifted her into my lap. She snuggled back into my arms and said it again in a very satisfied way: “Cuddle”. And holding her sweet little chubby body in my arms, I got it. She was ready for her nap and there I was eating lunch. All she wanted was a cuddle.

She said it again when we moved to the bedroom and I pulled her onto my lap to read her stories. Cuddle.

And then after her nap, I looked up to see her on the couch with her doll in her lap. “Cuddle,” I deciphered the syllables that had been mystifying me as I only half listened to her babble. Cuddle

Isabella is not a cuddly child. But Sophie is totally into snuggling in my lap. Perhaps especially because she has a challenger. Poor girl gets so upset when Ben ousts her from the prized place. And oh when I slow down and listen and really hear what she is saying and when I take the time to enjoy it, there is absolutely nothing better than a cuddle with my little girl.

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  • I never thought of getting the girls fabric scraps, but that could be because I most frequently buy my fabric online—not a Joann’s in the area. One of the best gifts my children ever got was a box of playsilks. They used them for everything until they actually started to shred. And then, this summer when my husband and I went away for our anniversary, I wandered into an Indian import store and found a whole rack of sarongs on sale. I got one for each of the girls. The older ones wear them to school as scarves and the younger ones use them as scarves, tents, blankets, shawls and any number of other things—just like I hoped they would. Fabric is a wonderful thing:)

  • I’ve seen various people discuss playsilks online. I like the idea; but they’re really not in my budget. The remnants might not last terribly well; but the most expensive of them was two dollars. I think all of them were less than $5. This morning Bella was using one of them as a sling to carry her cat.

  • I find it impressive that she is “ironing”.  My younger kids saw the ironing board and iron in my closet recently, and said, “What is that?”.  Congratulations!

  • Renee, Just to be clear, I don’t actually iron clothes. Anything that needs ironing either gets worn wrinkled or is never worn.  I use it for quilting. Which I haven’t had time to do since Ben was born; but hope springs eternal.