Sophie’s World

Sophie’s World

Sophie is getting to be quite the explorer and communicator. She’s very clearly saying “doll” and “get down” as well as “dada” and “mama” and “Bella,” though she doesn’t use our names very often.

And she loves to play a game where I name and point to her facial features. Sometimes she joins in, pointing to her own mouth, ears, hair, nose, toes, etc.

She loves to grab her hair brush and brush her own hair.

The other day I was talking out loud as I got the girls ready to go out and I said she needed to put her socks on. She immediately crawled over to her sock, picked it up, and held it to the sole of her foot.

She picks up cell phones and holds them up to the side of her head. She loves picking up hats and holding them up to her head.

She crawls from room to room on her own, sometimes going into a room where no one else is to play be herself. She especially loves following Bella around, though. As far as Sophie’s concerned the sun rises and sets over her big sister. I love hearing the two of them laughing together, first one and then the other.

Phia’s love for Bella extends to loving Bella’s special toys as well. Nothing makes her giddier than getting her hands on Pooh or Piggy or Bella’s Doll, the sacred pantheon of toys which Phia is generally not allowed to touch.

Sophie stands more steadily every day. She pulls herself up on anything that stands still long enough for her to get a fingerhold, especially on me.

She can walk across the room while holding onto your hands, taking deliberate steps, not just being moved by the person holding her. One of these days very soon she’s going to let go and walk.

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  • Too cute! It does sound like Cherub has the more practical bent.

    Here’s the dialog in our house this morning when I open the blog entry to write a comment and Bella sees the video box:

    Bella: “I want to watch a video!”
    Bella: “What’s she doing?”
    Me: “I don’t know. What’s she doing?”
    Bella: “Is she taking the wagon up the ladder?”
    After the video is over, Bella: “I want to watch another video!”

  • Cecilia: Again! Again!
    Cecilia: (While Bella pulls the wagon up the stairs) You can do it! You can do it!
    Cecilia: (while Bella slides down the slide) Weee!
    Cecilia: I want to do it!