“Goodbye, Tree”

“Goodbye, Tree”

Well, our tree is gone. Tomorrow is the day the city has ordained as the last day for trees to go out. And so out it must go.

To help Bella with the transition I asked her to help me take all the ornaments off the tree. She was a great little helper, placing them one by one into the box. Only a couple of glass balls were broken.

After dinner Dom carried the tree out the front door while Bella stood out of the way in the dining room, saying her farewells in a mournful voice, “Goodbye, tree. Goodbye, tree.” Then she ran and hid in the office while I vacuumed up all the needles.

And so ends another Christmas season at the Bettinelli house. A few decorations remain to be packed away, including the Nativity set. I think saying goodbye to Baby Jesus may be even harder than parting from the tree.

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  • Oh my GOODNESS! I know some of those people!!!! I am so glad you decided to do this meme and provide that link. I am going to be clicking and catching up in between blowing my nose all day. TMI? Oh, and my confirmation name is Rose too!

  • Charlotte,

    Are you on facebook? Have you thought about signing up? Cause there are so many people from our class on there. Lots of people you know. Might be worth signing up just to reconnect.

    I know what you mean about catching up. I can so get lost when I find a blog of someone I know. Too cool about having the same confirmation name. And I hope y’all get better soon.

  • I too lived in a house with two guys (and a girl) my senior year of college.  It was the most pleasant college living situation I’d had—just like being in a house full of siblings.  My female housemate did use the same wedding invitation style that I’d picked out, but as we didn’t have any overlap in the invites it was okay.  And I’ll never forget sitting up at night writing papers with J., a theology grad student, who could start a ten-page paper at the opening monologue of the Late Show, and finish it by the closing credits of the Late Late Show.  Good times.

    I think TV does a disservice by suggesting that there must be sexual tension between any man and woman who find themselves in an enclosed space together, but it’s simply not reality. 

  • mrs d,

    Some of my more conservative Catholic friends are pretty dubious about single men and women living together. And despite my experiences, I do understand their concerns. I don’t think it’s only TV that creates those concerns but there is an element of prudence involved.  No, sexual tension does not necessarily exist between all single men and women, but if it does spring up then I can see that living in close quarters and a lack of boundaries could become an occasion for temptation to arise. In general I think co-ed dorms, for example, are a bad idea. My teaching experiences at Salem State really opened my eyes on that front.

    I’m not sure how comfortable I’d be were Bella or Sophie to announce they were entering a similar roommate situation. Unless I really knew the men involved.

  • As far as I recall the entire time we were roomies you were engaged to some chick whose name started with an S… Samantha, Susan, Shaniqua… something like that.