Big Girls Don’t… Cry?

Big Girls Don’t… Cry?

I was feeding Sophia lunch yesterday when Bella hurt herself. She scrambled over towards me for her usual make-it-better kiss, mumbling that she’d hurt her tongue.

I could see where that was going and tried to head it off at the pass: “I’ll kiss your mouth but not your tongue. I don’t kiss tongues. No, close your mouth. I don’t kiss tongues.”

Bella, mollified by a kiss near her mouth and taking this lesson to heart: “What do big girls do?”

Me: “I don’t know. What do big girls do?”

Bella: “Big girls don’t kiss tongues.”

No, no they don’t. Big girls don’t kiss tongues. At least not my big girls.

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  • Re #3:

    Since about second grade, I have had to fight to not end my sentences with speech tags. I can’t stop myself from doing it mentally. I also tend to compose short descriptions of whatever’s going on.

    Yes, I read a lot of books.