Sick Phia

Sick Phia

The hardest part of being a mother is seeing your precious baby in pain and being unable to do anything about it.

Sophia’s still having problems. Diarrhea and a terrible, horrible, red, nasty, raw and bleeding bottom. Sorry to be graphic, but every time I look at it I burst into tears. And every time I have to wipe it, she screams. Actually, what’s worse is that she screams as soon as I lay her on the changing table. When it comes time for the wiping she hisses her breath in. That’s somehow worse than a scream.

I called the pediatrician’s office—our old pediatrician, my first priority for this week is to call around and find a new doctor—and they told me to give her lots of bland, binding foods. So that’s what we’ve been doing. But so far it hasn’t slowed down the rate of her pooping one bit. Which is really, really discouraging.

It probably doesn’t help matters that she’s getting four new teeth on the top. Poor thing. She’s been sleeping terribly during the day. But at least she hasn’t been waking up at night. Though it took more than an hour and three tries to get her down tonight.

And I’m emotionally wrung out. I can’t deal with anything else right now.

i’d really appreciate some prayers for my poor little baby.

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  • Glad to hear that everyone is on the mend.  I can’t remember what book I read this in but everytime I am reminded of changing the diaper of a child who can’t lie still I think of this story.  The mother of a severely autistic son was changing his diaper, because of the diaper rash he was tossing and turning.  She wanted to get the message across to him that if he would just lay still mommy would make everything better.  Then it hit her…that was the message God had for her as well.  When I feel my life is spinning out of control this thought comes to mind.

    Just one more thing (keep in mind that this comes from a mother of 6 with a $2000 deductible…we try and stay away from Doctors.)  I could be wrong but I don’t think she should be having “lots” of anything, especially yogurt.  With a tummy bug, less is better.  The only thing she really needs is electrolytes which come from pedialite or gatorade.  Since my kids never liked pedialyte I just used gatorade.  Her tummy needs to heal. Anything from the BRAT diet is fine in small amounts.  I thought the acidophilus in the yogurt was for a yeast infection.  Looks to me like this diaper rash is caused by the the diarrhea from a stomach bug.