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Lynch Park

More photos from Tuesday’s trip to Lynch Park. The light was just so gorgeous that morning, I couldn’t put the camera down. I do hope there are parks near our new home as beautiful as the ones near here.

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Bella Miscellania

She’s singing Cottleston Pie right now. Except that it sounds like “cottes and cottes and cottes and cottes of pie”. Oh how that warms the cockles of my heart. She’s learned how to turn doorknobs. No longer a captive screaming for Mama, now she lets herself out of her room in the mornings and comes […]

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Book Review: Go in and out the Window

We got this cute song book in the mail yesterday and it was an instant success. No sooner had I opened it than Bella was demanding, “Read the book, read the book, read the book.” I opened it and was instantly delighted by the high quality art pictures from the collection of the Metropolitan Museum […]

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Fall Colors

This week suddenly the world is ablaze. We’ve had hints and harbingers but now autumn crackles in her full glory. I am in love with autumn in New England. Absolutely intoxicated with the color. Here are a few pictures from the walk Bella and Sophie and I took on Sunday afternoon.

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I have a renewed respect for single mothers, women whose husbands travel frequently, military wives with deployed husbands, and all parents who for whatever reason don’t have a backup. Dom’s been in Chicago this weekend and I’ve been flying solo with the girls for the first time. Oh boy! Really, I don’t know how people […]

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I’ll Have Some of That, Mom

This morning when I sat down to eat my oatmeal, Sophia started screaming. She stared at my spoon going from my bowl to my mouth with great reproachful eyes. She’d just nursed so she wasn’t hungry…. or was she? I mushed up a piece of strawberry from Bella’s bowl and put it in her mouth. […]

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