I’ll Have Some of That, Mom

I’ll Have Some of That, Mom

This morning when I sat down to eat my oatmeal, Sophia started screaming. She stared at my spoon going from my bowl to my mouth with great reproachful eyes. She’d just nursed so she wasn’t hungry…. or was she?

I mushed up a piece of strawberry from Bella’s bowl and put it in her mouth. She gobbled it off the tip of my finger and searched for more. I gave her more and then more. i mushed up a blueberry from my bowl. Down it went. I gave her an uneaten crust of bread from Bella’s plate. Finally, Sophia was happy. She gummed at the bread and when it fell into pieces, she chased the pieces around the tray of the highchair and picked them up daintily between thumb and finger.

I haven’t been pushing solid foods, just giving her little bites now and then when I’ve got food in hand that she might be interested in. The other day, though she lunged at the banana I was peeling for Bella and took a gummy lick off the top. And then went back for more. I guess whether I’m ready or not, Sophia is eating solid foods.

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  • I feel the same way every time my husband has to travel (fortunately, it doesn’t happen very often.) If the days when I’m alone are so tough, what would I do if that was actually the routine, and not just the occasional exception, I wonder? I like to think I’d pray for more grace – and with the grace from God we must have faith that we can do what we’re supposed to do, even when it looks so hard. I, too, look in amazement at military families… Whenever we pray for our soldiers, we should always remember to beg God to also give their families all the grace they need.