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Moving in

I know I said I wouldn’t be around. But the cable company hasn’t yet switched service to the new house. (Surprise, surprise. When does the cable company ever do anything right the first try?) Though they did come and run the wires today. So I thought I’d quickly post a few photos I took today. […]

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If Anybody’s Still Reading….

Today my computer is set to move to the new house. We’re having the internet service transferred so there’s no point in it staying at an apartment with no reception. I’ll miss everyone out there in my virtual neighborhood; but I suppose I’ll be too busy with last minute details to be updating the blog […]

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Be It Ever So Humble…

Dom just called. After a very long day full of interminable last minute delays, they’ve finally signed the paperwork. The house is ours!!!! Tomorrow we begin to move in. The appliances will be delivered, the internet and cable hooked up, the plumber will come and the electricity be turned on. It’s really real. The movers […]

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Phia says:

The best toys are the ones I’m not allowed to play with. I let her chew on Isabella’s toy cell phone while Bella is napping. Best. Toy. Ever. I’ve seldom seen her so content. She’s better move on to something else when Bella wakes up, though. Bella does not share well with others.

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The Safe Harbor of Heaven

This morning I was moved almost to tears by this homily from Friday’s funeral mass for Spc. Stephen Fortunato of Beverly, MA, published in yesterday’s Salem Evening News. Here’s an excerpt from the end: When Stephen entered into the valley of the shadow of death on a roadside in a faraway land, he was not […]

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Yep, Still Packing

As far as I know we’re all set to close on Wed. Oct 29. Yep that’s this coming Wednesday. Thursday we’re supposed to have appliances delivered, the cable guy install our internet access (which means I’ll be silent as the computers will all move to the new house) and the plumber come to give us […]

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Recently Read

Kingfishers Catch Fire by Rumer Godden. A semi-autobiographical novel set in colonial India. Sophie, an English widow, decides to rent a house in a small villa in rural Kashmir. Accompanied by her two children, she is determined to live a simple life and to be self sufficient. She starts her own business selling herbal teas, […]

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Different Strokes from Different Folks

Julie D. pointed me to this website a while back and I thought I’d pass it on. Every week the blogger posts a new photograph and invites artists to paint, draw or etch the scene. She then posts all the various interpretations. I was especially fascinated with all the various interpretations of Oct 8’s scene: […]

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Motherhood changes you in profound ways. That’s probably not news to anyone. Still, one of the ways motherhood has changed me has been very unexpected. I used to abhor the color pink. It wasn’t just that pink wasn’t my favorite color. I would do anything to avoid it. I simply couldn’t imagine ever wearing it […]

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