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It’s not easy being green

So I went to get a refill on my inhaler today. Instead of the $10 I paid last time, I was charged $25. When I inquired why I was being charged so much more, assuming surely there must be some mistake, I was informed that the generic has been discontinued because it was, get this, […]

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Danger, Danger

Karen Edmisten now tells me that free rice, the internet quiz site that donates rice through the UN food program any time you get an answer right, now has many other subjects in addition to the original vocabulary quiz. I’ve been playing name the artist who painted that famous painting and name that country. It’s […]

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Talking to Kids about God

Regular readers know that this is a constant theme of these pages. I’m always trying to grow in my own faith and to discern how to best guide my daughters toward a relationship with God and a deep and abiding faith. Jen at Conversion Diary has a great discussion going on the topic of passing […]

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The Good Wife

The ever-eloquent Elizabeth Foss has posted a beautiful reflection today that every wife should read. The advice in all of those books ran along the same lines: keep a well ordered home; be a cheerful helpmeet; be tuned in to his need for physical affection. I’ve read volumes on submission and volumes on traditional roles. […]

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Please Pray

for my grandmother, Mildred Scott. She’s in the hospital after passing out at the hairdresser. We don’t yet know what’s wrong. She’s 92 and getting pretty frail; though she still lives in her own home.

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Nap Time Oddness

I put Bella down for her nap at the usual time, one or so. By the time I was done with her Pooh story it was maybe 1:15. Then I nursed Sophia and put her down. In any case, both girls were down by 1:40 or so. But Sophia doesn’t often sleep long, it wasn’t […]

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Taco Night

“Can I have a tortilla please?” Bella asks. Why not? I shrug. Dom gets her a tortilla. “Can I have some lettuce in my tortilla?” “Can I have some mac and cheese in my tortilla?” “You mean shredded cheese?” “Yesss.” “Can I have some chicken in my tortilla?” “Can I have some beans in my […]

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Third Time’s the Charm

On Saturday we made a bid on a house. The third time in three weeks. We were outbid on the first house. The owners took the second house off the market after they received our bid. But this weekend we finally found the house we were meant to have. Today our bid was accepted. We’ll […]

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