Phia says:

Phia says:

The best toys are the ones I’m not allowed to play with. I let her chew on Isabella’s toy cell phone while Bella is napping. Best. Toy. Ever. I’ve seldom seen her so content. She’s better move on to something else when Bella wakes up, though. Bella does not share well with others.

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  • Congratulations! What does it feel like to own such a cute house? (Well, ok, as my husband likes to joke, it’s the bank that lets you pretend you own your house!) It must be wonderful. I really envy you – we still have quite a few years of renting and saving before we can make the big leap. I see a chimney – will you have a fireplace? That would be really sweet… Anyway, I send my best wishes for a smooth moving day!

  • Yeah. The bank lets us pretend we own it, so not so different from renting in that regard. But at least we can make changes, unlike renting.

    It does have a fireplace, sort of, but not a working one. And it would take a major rebuild to get it to work, so we won’t be using it. Alas. I do so like fireplaces.

    I’ll post more pictures soon. I hope. The girls in the new place and all. This photo was the one on the realtor’s listing, obviously not taken at this time of year.

  • Happy moving, Melanie. It’s tons of work, but you will love being settled in your own nest.

    Your new house looks like Massachusetts to me. It could almost be the house my husband grew up in only it’s blue instead of white grin

    May Christ bless your home and all who enter its door.

  • Cay,

    As soon as we get a little more unpacked, I’ll definitely post a tour of some kind. Right now all I can show you are walls of boxes. smile