Doctor Mom

Doctor Mom

Tonight Bella was playing on the back deck while Dom grilled up some hot dogs for dinner. I was in the basement doing laundry when I heard her scream. Dom picked her up and was soon yelling for my assistance as she had a huge splinter in her foot.

The piece Dom pulled out was about two inches long. We couldn’t tell whether there was a piece left in her foot. I cleaned the wound with hydrogen peroxide and slathered on some antibiotic ointment and then applied a magical bandaid. Then I hugged her to my chest and rocked her around the kitchen while I sang.

That worked to calm her down for as long as I kept it up. But soon Sophie started yelling for attention too. I picked Sophie up and Bella resumed howling. Dom’s picking her up didn’t soothe. So he deposited her on our bed while I changed Sophia and then Sophie and I joined Bella for a little cuddling. Soon Bella was flopping on our pillows, pretending to sleep, and rolling around with her sister. Then she found a rattle and clonked Sophia on the forehead, leaving a small welt over her eye. 
That resulted in more hysterics from both girls. But finally Bella was soothed—Dom brought her a pair of socks which evidently had magical properties.

Still, at bathtime Bella was screaming again. She was still favoring the wounded foot. Actually she was favoring both feet. I guess the non-injured limb developed sympathy pains. A post-bath checkup convinced me there was still a chunk of wood buried in her foot. I would have to operate. So Dom held her, still wrapped in her towel, while I applied a safety pin, the only tool I could find. The splinter disintegrated as I dug it out so the operation took some time to complete.

Then more cuddling and singing and I had to be the one to put her pajamas on. Dom took over the hair and tooth brushing. Socks of course had to be put on again. She has a thing about needing socks for bed even in the summertime. Hopefully she’ll feel better tomorrow. Though experience tells me she’ll be demanding a bandaid for days. I just hope I got all the fragments out. I dread having to do that again.

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  • Ah! Nothing feeds the soul like rural New England. (Er, excepting, of course the Eucharist and all the other holy sacraments… but you know what I mean!) Such purity and down-home-ness. I’m so happy you’re there.

  • Melanie, I read this book years ago…my ex-mother-in-law also lives in Maine, was born & raised there—& she knew I’d like it.  I still think about it at times—how Louise was in such a remote location that many things had to be bought months in advance—and the only milk they had was evaporated (I guess dry milk hadn’t been invented yet?)  Great read.