Rolling: The Video Version

Rolling: The Video Version

Now that Dom’s home and figured out how to get the video off the camera.

Sophia rolls from Domenico Bettinelli on Vimeo.

Confession: it’s a little staged, only a half roll. But she really did the full back to belly to back roll just before I ran to get the camera.

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  • How funny! One Christmas I got two crockpots; one form my dad and one from my mom. I guess they were worried that the grandkids weren’t being fed! smile

  • You’re very kind: I broke the camera in May. And now when I inevitably break the next one, we’ll have a spare.

  • hi Mum B! We both obviously love the pics and videos! and think alike….

    I think this way it’s like camera insurance…. and one can stay at home, other more mobile, so that a photo op never goes missed!