The World of Pooh

The World of Pooh

Dom made a discovery the other day. He said, “Oh, bother.” And Bella responded, “Oh, bother, said Pooh.”

Nothing slips past her.

I’m guessing it’s the all the Pooh stories we’ve been reading that led to her asking for honey on her bread the other night. Dom and I were eating corn on the cob, slathered with butter. I offered Bella a bite and she wasn’t interested. Well, not in the corn at least. After a bit she did ask for a piece of bread with butter.

She munched on that quite happily for a while, finished it, asked for a second piece, nibbled at that, and then suddenly announced, “I want some honey.” I was floored. I don’t think she’s ever seen us eat bread and honey. And she’s definitely never had honey on bread before. But I gamely went and got the honey and drizzled a bit on her bread. Of course, she loved it. Too, too precocious.

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