We’re on a Roll

We’re on a Roll

Tonight, as I do most nights recently, I put Sophia down on a blanket near my feet while we were eating dinner. It’s awfully hard to eat tacos with a baby in your lap and she tends to be much happier rolling from side to side on the floor than strapped into a baby chair. The only danger is her getting trampled by Bella.

Anyway Sophie’s been getting much more mobile of late and has frequently managed to turn herself 180 degrees, getting her head pointing towards where I’d put her feet. And she frequently maneuvers herself right off the blanket and onto the floor. And she’s getting pretty good at the rolling from side to side while holding onto her toes. She manages to get almost all the way onto her belly, just the one shoulder stopping her.

And so on one level I’ve been looking for her to make the leap to actually rolling over. But it was still a bit of a shock when I looked down tonight and saw that she was on her belly. “‘Phia! You rolled over!!!!” I exclaimed.

She was content to stay that way for a little bit, bonking her forehead occasionally on the ground. Then she got a bit fussy so I put her back onto her back. And then a minute later she was on her belly again.

Now we just have to teach her to get from her belly to her back and there’ll be no stopping her. Our little girl’s about to get mobile.

Funny side note: Isabella was a leettle bit jealous of all the attention her little sister was getting. Soon she was down on the ground rolling from side to side: “I rolled over!” she boasted. “Yes, dear you did.” I tried to sound as proud of her, but really I was laughing too hard.

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