Saving a Seat for Baby Elijah

Saving a Seat for Baby Elijah

Dinner frequently is a battle ground of late. Bella doesn’t want to sit down to eat but wanders at wil and grazes.

“I think it’s the booster seat,” I told Dom. She doesn’t sit in a booster at the kitchen table and while she does have a tendency to wander at times, it doesn’t seem to be as big a deal.

So we decided to remove the seat and just let her kneel on the dining room chair as she does in the kitchen. Big mistake. Oh the drama, the fireworks! We replaced it. And then she still refused to sit down.

“I wonder,” I murmured as we began to eat, “What would happen if we pulled up another chair next to the one with the booster seat, where she can reach her food.” Dom groaned and sighed and got up to pull up a chair. Sure enough, as soon as the chair was in place she climbed up and started eating.

Dom looked over at the chair with the empty booster seat. “I guess we’re saving a seat for baby Elijah,” he quipped.

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    From mapping out the network topology of the brain, to being able to predict decisions before we utter them I wonder where all this is leading too.

    Certainly there are great rewards to be had in cures for Alzheimer’s, Schizophrenia, and the like – but we’re likely to discover awful things as well.