Sick Bella (Updated)

My girl who never gets sick is running a 102 fever. We came home from the bank this morning and rather than running about on the porch with her usual abandon while I sat and read, she stood near my chair and whined—not fussing for anything, just whimpering.

We came inside and she curled up on the couch next to me as I nursed Sophie, which she never does. I read her a Pooh story and she cuddled close, whining occasionally. When I put Sophie down, she climbed onto my lap and fell asleep. I thought she maybe felt a little warm and she was definitely acting off, so I stuck a thermometer under her arm. Sure enough.

I’ve dosed her with tylenol and now she’s having some ice water and frozen grapes. I’m not used to dealing with sick kids. Feel rather helpless.


I love tylenol, it’s a wonder drug. Fever is gone and perky girl is playing happily again.

Of course, now sinks are running brown water.

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