Little Miss Helpful

Little Miss Helpful

This morning I was folding laundry on our bed, Sophia in the bassinet next to me. I looked over when I saw movement and Sophia was chewing on a rattle that hadn’t been there a minute before. Then Bella came back into the room and tossed a stuffed giraffe over the side of the bassinet as well. I praised her for being so kind to her sister and turned back to matching socks and folding shirts.

A little later I saw Bella doing something at my nightstand out of the corner of my eye. She knows she’s not supposed to dig in the drawer, but sometimes she can’t resist. I started to admonish her and then realized that she wasn’t taking something out, she was putting something away, the eyeglasses cleaning kit that I’d left on the dining room table. She loves to watch me clean my glasses and she knows the little kit goes in the nightstand. I apologized for my misconception and thanked her for putting it away.

Of course later when Sophie was on a blanket in the living room, staring up at the ceiling fan, I caught Bella being “helpful” putting a blanket on her head. Oops. Gotta work on that one.

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  • It is one of those games you rather hope she doesn’t do in public, isn’t it…  My daughter hasn’t done that exactly, but she’s done things that are similar.  It is fascinating to watch them process their world through their play, isn’t it.

  • It is a fascinating to watch the processing. I’m certain it’s just the result of a half-dozen falls a day, all the bumps and bruises and scrapes and pains. That and I notice she frequently comforts her doll when Sophia is being fussy, a way of gaining a measure of control over a situation she finds distressing.