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“I AM”

from Jesus of Nazareth During the time when Israel was deprived of land and Temple, God—according to the traditional criteria—could not compete with other gods, for a god who had no land and could not be worshiped was not a god at all. It was during this period that the people learned to understand fully […]

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Sophia’s First Movie

This afternoon after nap time we dropped Isabella at Dom’s sister’s house and snuck off to see Indiana Jones. We brought Sophia with us because she’s still nursing on demand and I couldn’t be sure she wouldn’t get ravenous while we were gone. She was pretty well behaved. She didn’t sleep much, though. The one […]

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Crisis Averted

Dom was getting ready to take Bella out to play this morning and started looking for her shoes. And I I realized with growing dread that I’d left them by the pool yesterday when I was putting her swimsuit on. She was getting quite frantic as he called his brother’s house to ask if they’d […]

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Random thoughts for the day

A busy Sunday. Cousins’ birthday party, Theresa turned three and Joseph is thirteen. A warm day so all the kids were in the pool. I never made it into my suit, too much looking after baby Sophie. Even with all the arms eager to hold her, I wasn’t quite ready to leave my little nursling. […]

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“Nancy Drew and the Wine-Dark Sea”

How could I resist an article with that title? My own love affair with literature began with a matchmaker named Eleanor Leonard, the children’s librarian in my home town. One day I walked into the library with a Nancy Drew mystery. Mrs. Leonard greeted me. “What’s that book you have under your arm?” “It’s a […]

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Isabella and Her New Radio Flyer

Isabella’s new Radio Flyer wagon from Domenico Bettinelli on Vimeo. Yesterday afternoon, after Dom put it together, Isabella took the new wagon for a spin. She even shared it with her little sister! The wagon was a birthday present from Grandma and Grandpa Scott, who also sent this stunning fruit basket and balloon: Thanks, mom […]

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Corpus Christi

I shall praise the Savior’s glory, of His flesh the mystery sing, and the blood, all price excelling, shed by our immortal King; God made man for our salvation, Who from virgin pure did spring. Born for us, and for us given, born a man like us below, Christ as man with man residing, lived […]

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