Random thoughts for the day

Random thoughts for the day

A busy Sunday. Cousins’ birthday party, Theresa turned three and Joseph is thirteen. A warm day so all the kids were in the pool. I never made it into my suit, too much looking after baby Sophie. Even with all the arms eager to hold her, I wasn’t quite ready to leave my little nursling. But Bella had fun kicking around in a float with daddy.

I’ll have to post pictures when we get around to uploading them. Dom says he’s running out of space on his computer. We’re going to have to invest in another hard drive to feed my photography habit. Or I’m going to have to learn not to take so many pictures. Yeah right.

*  *  *

Bella has discovered the magic healing properties of bandaids. Yesterday she fell and got a scrape on the palm of her hand. Oh how she howled! It wasn’t terrible; but I cleaned it up with some hydrogen peroxide, applied some antibiotic ointment and then plastered a bandaid on it. Which had to be replaced when she took her bath. And then again today she was distressed when it came off in the pool and we had to get another one from Auntie Patti (a cool red Crayola). And then, about ten minutes after she went to bed tonight, she started crying and when I went in, I discovered that it had come unstuck and I had to find yet another replacement. Really the scrape didn’t need anything after last night’s bath. We’re going to have to wean her somehow from this new dependence.

*  *  *

I think I’ve finally discovered the cause of the odd rash on my wrists: my new cucumber melon conditioner. On the wrists? That’s because I put some in a spray bottle diluted with water to make a detangling spray for Bella’s hair. This morning I noticed the backs of my hands itching right after I’d combed her hair and looking at the rash pattern, I saw it was where the mist had hit my hands and wrists.

That would also explain my itchy ears and itchy face as the conditioner rubs off onto my pillow and from there gets on my face. I’ll have to go buy a new bottle tomorrow so I can wash my hair and get rid of all the nasty allergenic stuff. It will be nice to stop itching.

*  *  *

a couple of cool links:

The Past and the Pitcher, a wonderful conversion story. Brief excerpt:

I was driving home from work and talking to Audra on the phone.  A woman was not paying attention and pulled out right in front of me.  I slammed on my brakes but not fast enough to prevent my car from hitting her and rolling over.  I remember the sound of glass breaking and a scream (I guess it was mine).  I climbed through the window of my Grand Cherokee and cut my shoulder on the way out.  It was the only injury I sustained.

I noticed that the police officers who came to the scene of the accident were taking pictures of my car, now upside-down in a pool of glass.  I asked them why, and they told me that based on the way the car had rolled, coupled with the fact that I wasn’t wearing my seatbelt, I should have been under the front wheel of the car.  I didn’t understand why that was interesting enough to photograph until I looked at the car.  There was only one item that had come out of the car as I flipped, and it was now pinned under the front wheel.  It was the rosary that I had been given by the Church when I finished my classes, and it was covered in my blood.  Not a single bead was broken.  I knew in that moment what many people are blessed enough to learn early in life.

He died for me.

Read the whole story, including the main point about the pitcher, here

No There There. Thoughts about contemporary art from R. Reno:

Culture cannot exist without orthodoxies, because freedom cannot give itself the obligations necessary for its own perfection: the ordered liberty of assent to that which is greater. Creative freedom we seem to have, but for what and toward what? The same question holds for intellectual, moral, and political freedom. It is one thing to be free from the false dogmas of the modern avant-garde; it is another to find the true dogmas that humanize. For the sake of our creative culture now freeing itself from the long reigning pieties of the modern avant-garde�and for our culture more broadly�I hope God sees fit to open some new eyes to see old truths.


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