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Babies at Three Months

Browsing through my blog archives today and looking at entries from August of 2006 when Bella was three months old, the age Sophia is now. I know that stages of development are such that it’s no surprise that babies of the same age are doing the same things, but it’s fun to wander down that […]

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No, Mama, You’re Wrong!

In our mixed bag of crayons (remnants of a collection I had long before I was married, I think it traveled from Texas with me so who knows where its ultimate origin) is one purple crayon that is unusually long and skinny and lacking a paper wrapper. In fact, it is shaped more like a […]

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“ocean on the egg”

Bella has a lot of trouble with the “l” sound. Not unusual for her age, I know. But it does make for some funny sounding constructions. Most of the time I don’t even notice anymore, I fill in the missing “l” much as I fill in the missing “r” which is dropped by so many […]

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Fabulous Fish on Friday

I have a little confession to make. Of late fish on Friday hasn’t seemed very penitential to me. The thing is: I like fish. I really like fish. Some of my favorite dishes are fish dishes. But Dom really doesn’t. Or, rather, he thinks he doesn’t because he was scarred by bad fish experiences in […]

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This Afternoon

Bella is flipping through a novena to St Gerard and wandering the living room, saying, “Hail Grace, womb Jesus; hail grace, womb Jesus; now and at death Amen; hail grace, womb, Jesus.” Sophia is getting very good at getting that thumb into her mouth. She’s a thumb sucker for sure. Which is not a surprise […]

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The Therapeutic Value of Blogging

So it seems my jaunt at liveblogging my labor and writing long thoughtful posts about motherhood from the delivery room might have actually had some therapeutic effect: Self-medication may be the reason the blogosphere has taken off. Scientists (and writers) have long known about the therapeutic benefits of writing about personal experiences, thoughts and feelings. […]

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“Two Ways of Seeing Babies”

from an article by Marjorie Dannenfelser in the National Catholic Register How each perceives and talks about unplanned children is extremely illuminating. McCain is living the joy of his real-life response to a �surprise child.� Obama, missing the mystery and blessing, sees only a burden. You may remember from a few weeks ago, Obama�s answer […]

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Faith, Reason and Academia

from the article Catholic Scholars, Secular Schools by Robert Louis Wilken in First Things In his 2006 lecture at Regensburg, Benedict XVI argued that reason cannot be shackled by the constraints placed on it in the modern university. That was one of the deepest points he made in the lecture, but it was ignored by […]

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