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  • Thanks, GB,
    We used to subscribe but have let it lapse. I look forward to seeing the article. I’ve been impressed by Roger Kimball’s writing when I’ve read him in the past.

  • This is more or less what we try to tell my (Baptist) mother-in-law when she asked us what Purgatory is for. I’ll read the whole piece, I love Weigel.
    And speaking of FT, Melanie, it’s not on the website yet, but you should keep an eye on the June/July issue, because there’s a very interesting article by Roger Kimball titled “The End of Art” – it covers some of the issue you were talking about a few weeks ago (art and beauty, art and religion, what’s wrong with art today, …) I’ll be happy to send you the full piece if it turns out it’s a subscriber-only page when it’s up.