Sophia Therese

Sophia Therese

Finally, after two days apart I get to see Bella again. She came over this morning and was enchanted with her new sister, who she calls “Phia”. I love seeing both my girls together.

Isabella and Sophia

Isabella, Sophia, Dom and my mother, Grandma Scott

Bella, Sophia and Grandma

Me and Sophia

Bella, Sophia, and me

Close up of Sophia in my mother’s lap

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  • Melanie,

    I’m so sorry. I had similar problems in November when Felicity was born. She wouldn’t sleep and then when she did the nurses would come in and wake her. Or they would come in an wake me. The did not even coordinate when they would come in so as to do everything in 1 or 2 visits. Drove me nuts and I actually complained when the hospital PR person called to ask me how my stay was. I informed them not allowing a patient to sleep in no way helps any healing or recovery for mommy or baby.

    I wish I had better advice for you but my only suggestion that let me get any sleep was to sleep with her in my arms – it helped her stay asleep – and, if you feel the sandman is visiting Sophia, inform the nurses you want to be left alone for a few hours to sleep.

    Hope you are feeling better.

  • It’s so much harder to sleep with the second (and I assume subsequent) children!  Not much of a comfort but you do get used to it and it does get better.  Our second is 3 months old now and not sleeping great and I’m functioning still (sort of).

    Congrats and best of luck!!

  • I agree with what everyone has said plus the fact that I never slept well in the hospital and I didn’t even have to stay as long as you will. Those places are horrible for anyone who is not sick, just in need of rest. After my third I remember viciously yelling at the tech who came in for the 12,000 time to check my blood pressure “It’s 120/60 now GO!!!” Not my finest moment!

  • Oh – and sleep is so good. I’m sorry your little one isn’t sleeping. My first and second insisted on sleeping with me in the hospital, and I was so scared I’d drop them over the edge of the skinny hospital bed I didn’t really sleep either. My second also nursed for almost the entire first six hours of her life – and she was born at 9:30 pm!

    I was lucky, though, and able to go home after the 24 hour prick test and rested much better at home. I don’t think they’ll like that idea after a C-section.

    Maybe someone (Dad?) could take Sophia for a walk so you can sleep.

  • We eventually got one who didn’t have his days and night mixed up with Lou (fourth). Eventually she’ll sleep.

    And maybe if you set out the drinks for the elves, the nurses will leave you alone. smile

  • Oh, God bless you.  My daughter screamed the FIRST 4 months of her life non-stop.  I sympathize with you. Sleep, it is a beautiful AND necessary thing.  I HATE hospitals because they DO interrupt your sleep.  Just remember, you are paying THEM so you can set the rules, especially when it comes to sleep. 

  • Sounds like you’re ready to be home grin Hospital practices in the maternity ward have always puzzled me… Before having my babies I was naively convinced the days at the hospital would be a nice break before the hard work at home… But (some) nurses (sometimes) can make things hard… Don’t they know what it feels like after an emergency C-section? You just need quiet and rest… Poor Melanie and poor Sophia grin Well, just think soon she’ll be looking up at you smiling for the first time…. Oh, the little miracles of babyhood, how sweet they are and how much comfort they bring to a tired mommy grin

  • Oh, no. Maybe your milks is coming in and the change is affecting wee ‘Phia?  Especially if she is nursing constantly.

    Daughter #3 screamed incessantly the first 24 hours of life and then most of the remainder of the hospital stay.  I remember asking myself, “WHAT did you DO?!” like I had control over anything, anyway…and then Daughter #3 fell asleep as she was being strolled out of the hospital and was a lamb ever since. I don’t think she liked the hospital, either!

    Hope you get some sleep soon.  Hope you get home tomorrow!!!