I See the Moon and the Moon Sees Me…

I See the Moon and the Moon Sees Me…

Bella was just standing on her chair by the window looking out on the world and commenting on what she sees: dogs, trucks, her ball in the yard, snow on the ground. And the moon.

I’m pretty sure she knows the word “moon” from books and not from either Dom or myself pointing to the celestial orb in the sky and naming it for her. She knows moon because the moon appears in so many of the picture books we read to her. Just as she knows rabbits and horses and geese from pictures in books. But this is the first time I’ve seen her make the leap on her own from the picture in the book to the object out in the world.

She ran and found her balls (“Two balls, mama,” she told me, holding them up.) and stood once again on her chair holding them up as she gazed at the moon. “Ball, moon, ball, moon…”

This is a magic moment. I love watching her learning to describe and to think about her world, to connect abstract and concrete, to use language and enjoy it’s rhythms and poetry. Glimmers of insight, the magic of books and the beauties of the world around us….

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  • I’d forgotten we were having problems with the blogroll and had to take it down. i’ll get Dom to put it back up.

    Dom’s blog is here. (And if I know him, he’ll probably snap some first-off pics with his cell phone. Those would appear on the flickr bar on the right hand side of his blog.)

  • I will light a candle for you tomorrow and however many days it takes after that! Please keep us posted. I added your husband’s blog to my reader just in case he breaks the news before you are able to!

  • Thank you.

    It’s funny, the other day I was looking back to Bella’s birth, going into my archives to see what I wrote and when. I didn’t blog it here for a couple of weeks! In part because I just sent emails to friends and family, who at that time were the majority readers of my blog. The rest tended to be people who’d come to my blog from Dom’s anyway.

    Now I can’t imagine waiting so long. I’ll want to have an announcement up as soon as possible. My blog has changed quite a bit in the past almost two years and many friendships have developed through it independent of Dom’s blog and for all those ties I am truly grateful.

  • Hope you have a wonderful labor and delivery. I had what you describe from Friday evening until Monday afternoon – then active labor set in and by 9:04pm Monday night she was born. It is exciting isn’t it?
    It is funny that despite all the horror stories people like to tell about childbirth I love being pregnant and love giving birth. Afterwards I always say to my husband, “Let’s go back and do it again.” Of course then the little one’s sleepy day wears off and I am too busy. lol.

    Keep us updated.

  • You’re definitely nesting! I know it doesn’t work this way for everyone, but when I started the nesting, I was within a week of delivery. We are all looking forward to welcoming Sophia! (It is Sophia, isn’t it?)

    Anyway, praying for an easy labor and safe delivery. It really is the most exciting time!

  • Thanks, all, for the prayers. I really appreciate them more than I can say. I’m very nervous about this delivery and need all the spiritual support I can get.