Catholics, Come Home

Catholics, Come Home

Must-see videos, via Dom. Part of a new evangelization effort by the diocese of Phoenix and quite impressive. Not only do they have high production values and get the message just right, putting Christ’s love and mercy front and center, they also counter so many of the false impressions of the Church that are out there in the popular culture.

This was my favorite of the three, a film a survey of the global Church, past and present. I especially like that the website backs up the information in the video with a pdf fact sheet giving factual data to support to the video’s claims. The appeal is primarily intellectual, but also there is an emotional component with the emphasis on family and mission.

This one I think really hits the emotional chord, watching the movie of one’s life. This one really gets to the heart of how Americans understand themselves, the way we tend to narrate our lives. I think they have slightly different audiences and this will appeal to some people the first video doesn’t. Again, I love the focus of this on Christ’s love and forgiveness, a strong positive contrast with the condemnation that sadly many non-Christians hear.

The third video, a collection of testimonials from lapsed Catholics who have returned, didn’t do so much for me. I thought there wasn’t enough story to make me feel a connection with the people talking. But I’m sure it’s exactly what some people need to hear.

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