Ring Shoes Again

Ring Shoes Again

Wearing the plastic rings on her feet continues to be a major fascination with Bella. I don’t get it; but I think it’s really funny. Dom says it’s her version of high heels. She doesn’t wear them around her ankles but on her feet. So she’s walking with her toes on the floor and her heels perched on the rings.

Today she was wearing the rings and pushing the toy vacuum around conjuring the image of the stereotypical ‘50s housewife doing her housecleaning in heels and pearls:


And I managed to capture a little bit of video with her walking across the room in them:

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  • So long as she doesn’t take after her mother.

    Which reminds me, Evy says Kateri is going to join the children’s choir at the parish they go to when they don’t go to IC. They said as long as she shows up to the Thursday practices, she can show up any Sunday and sing along.