When spring is a long time coming

When spring is a long time coming

Bella’s current favorite book (we read it three times before nap and three times at bedtime tonight) is The Spring Rabbit, a book I think I picked up at a book sale somewhere.

It’s funny because the premise of the story is a lonely rabbit, the only rabbit in the forest who doesn’t have siblings, who longs for a brother or sister to play with. His mother tells him to wait until spring; but in the meantime he is impatient and makes pretend siblings out of leaves, snow and mud. And is disappointed when they can’t play with him. Spring is a long time coming, the book repeats.

I’m not sure how much Bella understands of any of the books we read. She definitely notices, and complains, when I don’t read them but just point at the pictures and discuss them. She wants me to really read the words. Still, I think she mostly likes the rhythm and the sound of the language. Yet I can’t help but wonder if she hasn’t got some inkling. Does she notice, like the rabbit in the book, that she’s doesn’t have siblings, unlike all her cousins? Does she understand more than I think she does when we talk about the baby we are expecting? What is going on in that little head of hers?

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  • We were given both books. I like the Squire and the Scroll, but for reasons I can’t quite pinpoint, not as much as The Princess and the Kiss. S & S is more about keeping the rules to live by always in your mind and heart, which is a very good thing. I guess I need to read it again.