Passed out on the floor

Passed out on the floor


Bella is NOT one of those children who just drop and sleep wherever they find themselves. In fact, even when she was an infant, I think there was only one time that she ever fell asleep while rolling around on the blanket.

Even now that she’s not nursing to sleep anymore, Bella still needs to be rocked and cuddled and lullabied to sleep. But this morning at nap time she was having none of it. We were having a nice little storybook reading session and had read about 5 books when I started to get really dry. I made my way to the kitchen to get a glass of water and she freaked out. How dare I stop reading!

I thought we could just resume our cuddling in the rocker in her bedroom and transition easily to nap time cuddles; but she was too irate. She screamed and screamed, rejected all the books I tried to read with an imperious wave of the hand, slapped me when I tried to sing, and finally scrambled down from my lap. She threw herself down on the floor at my feet and cried herself to sleep so I pulled a blanket over her and let her lie there.

She only slept about half an hour, that’s all she’s been sleeping at her nap time the last few days. When she woke up and started crying I picked her up and she cried herself to sleep again in my arms. Slept with her head on my chest for another twenty minutes or so and then woke up when I tried to transfer her to the crib so I could eat some lunch.

I hope she gets better soon. It breaks my heart every time she starts these crying fits that nothing I can do will soothe.

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  • I don’t have to sneak fruit or vegetables into my kids, either. The three of them will eat five pounds of tangerines in less than 24 hours—while sleeping for ten of those, give or take.
    They’ve done it more than once.

  • Same problem here … all three of my girls love fruits and veggies (my eldest used to think 5 helpings of lettuce was a treat!), but calcium is a problem. Eldest dd I’m sure doesn’t get nearly enough, and my Little Cherub will not touch cow’s milk. OK while she is still nursing, but it makes the prospect of weaning her a distant one. And middle dd had a burst of conscience and turned vegetarian, so I’m not sure she is getting enough protein. She is the only one who will drink milk, though.