Sick Girl

Sick Girl

I think poor Isabella is coming down with Dom’s cold. She’s got a bit of a cough this morning. She fell asleep on the way home from the grocery store, not unusual in itself, but woke up half an hour later, more unusual. I tried to give her lunch and she just picked and whined so I gave her some tylenol. She did feel a little warm to the touch.

Then I cuddled with her and read books and books and more books until she started to fall asleep again. But she kept waking up and whimpering and moaning. When I was finally able to put her down in the crib I still had to sit there for five or ten minutes with my hand against the side of her head because her eyes kept popping open and she’d whine and moan. Finally, she was asleep enough for me to get up and leave the room. I hope she gets a good rest.

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  • You certainly have my sympathy Melanie. I thought bringing home a newborn over Thanksgiving would be the challenge but Cecilia has had a fever, cough, and runny nose since Saturday. I just keep hoping Felicity, only a week old now, won’t get it, or, at least, I get it first and can equip her with antibodies first. I was just saying to DH this morning that I think the most difficult challenge with children is when they are sick – they are in pain and there is so little it seems you can do.

    Hope little Bella is feeling better again soon.

    P.S. – Cecilia loves Finding Nemo as she has a bath play set of them. She makes them bounce in and out of the water and we have to sing “Just Keep Swimming”

  • Melanie, on our 3rd day with a fever, we took Cecilia tro the dr. this afternoon. Turns out she got her first ear infection. I think she has a cold on top of that as I also have a cold and it would account for the runny nose and cough. It is just awful when they are sick.