Bella Miscellania

Bella Miscellania

Bella is currently engaged in giving her dolly drinks from her sippy cup. It is so cute! I didn’t show her how to do that.

She’s started saying “gosh”. Yeah, I guess I do that.

We got a blueberry pie at church this morning, the Dominican nuns were having a bake sale. Bella’s my perfect compliment at pie eating. I don’t like the crust. She loves it. So far she hasn’t figured out what she’s missing when we don’t give her the filling. Let’s keep it that way, blueberry pie is messy!

She’s a meticulous eater. When the beans fall off her spoon, she very carefully picks them up with her fingers and puts them back into the bowl. And if her hands get dirty, she carefully wipes them on her pants if I’ve neglected to give her a napkin or if she forgets she’s got it.

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