Isabella: growing so fast!

Isabella: growing so fast!

Just now she went down for a nap with a cuddle, a little rocking, a homemade lullaby. No nursing, no screaming or crying, just a sweet toddler slumbering in my arms. I never thought this day would come!

In the past week in addition to her usual monologues that consist of words I know and words only Bella understands, Bella has added singing. As in her babble, I can pick out some words, other sounds I’m sure are nonsense; but some seem to be words that make sense to her and I just haven’t figured out yet what they correspond to. In any case I love her little song or I suppose it’s really more of a chant. It sounds vaguely like a nursery rhyme or one of the made-up songs I sing as I dress her or bathe her or feed her; but at the same time it is original and not clearly an imitation of any one thing.

Bella’s voice, speaking, singing, saying “more” or “mama” or “I fall” is even more adorable than I could ever have imagined.


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  • Oh, those are wonderful! It’s such fun reading about Bella as my Cherub is so close in age I keep giving little nods of recognition. She loves fridge magnets too, though we have nothing so beautiful … and likes to sing to herself (usually Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, though she seems to be experimenting with new tunes that I can’t recognise) … and rushes for her shoes every time someone goes out in the hope they will take her with them … and has just started settling herself in her crib at night without having to be nursed or cuddled to sleep. Such a gorgeous age, as they start to grow out of babyhood.

  • How fun. It does sound like they’re in almost the same place.

    I do love these lovely magnets. Though it’s true she’d be content with anything. Before we got these she was playing with the freebie magnet the pizza delivery place gave us and with a dirty/clean magnet meant for use on the dishwasher.

  • Two more magnet sets to look for.  We had a “paper doll”  magnet girl with various outfits.  I originally had to cut the little girl and her outfits out of a large magnetic sheet but she was quite darling.  Also, we have a set of ladybugs and caterpillars and leaves that tessellate. 

  • It is wonderful to see how much she is absorbed in them.  I knew she would be as she liked the one on the fridge so much.  I hope she and her sibs will play with them for many years.  Thanks for the pictures.