New Words

New Words

She’s started to say “I fall.” Sometimes she says it before she drops to the ground, which is really cute. She also says “fall” when she or anyone else drops something.

While watching football, Dom has taught her “niiiice!” and “touchdown!”

Lots more food words. And, finally, nose and mouth.

Of all the new words, there’s one I’m not too happy with. She’s started pinching herself and saying, “ouch.” Not an incorrect usage, exactly; but not really the lesson I wanted her to learn.

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  • Have you checked to see if she has a temp?
    That would be a good indicator of an ear infection. those tend to come a bit after dealing with a cold. As I mentioned to you, Cecilia was dealing with about a week of sleepless, crying nights and then her teeth pushed through. Even the ibuprophen and bendadryl we gave her didn’t help much. Once the teeth came through she felt a lot better. I would pay attention to any ear swatting or touching along with temp’s and then take her in if she seems still out of sorts in a couple of days.
    *not that this helps but some of mine have had ear infections without the temp rising…but that is a typical indicator.