Bella in a Brown Dress

Bella in a Brown Dress

I took these pictures on Monday afternoon, mostly because I thought Bella looked so charming in this dress. I prettied her up because I had to take her to my first appointment at my new OB’s office and wanted the cuteness factor to mitigate any bad temper we might encounter. She behaved beautifully during my meeting with the prenatal coordinator nurse and only melted down when the phlebotomist wouldn’t let her sit in my lap while she was drawing my blood. If you look closely at her right knee you can see where she drew on her tights with the red ball point pen the nurse let her play with.



I just love jumper dresses over nice collared blouses with tights and Mary Janes! Those are the shoes I got a the thrift store. Perfect match. Nothing I could do would get that collar to stay down, though!

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  • Have you tried an antihistamine?  Benedryl is also ok during pregnancy, and while I find it doesn’t work as well as Sudafed, it does help and it doesn’t disturb my sleep or make me feel as mentally weird as a few days on Sudafed does.  Good luck!  Hopefully the stuffy nose is a cold that will pass rather than just a pregnancy symptom (like mine seems to be …)  smile  And, of course, the prayer is all yours. 

  • Erica,

    Thanks for the advice. I’m already on a maintenance dose of Benadryl pretty much permanently. If I don’t take that and my prescription steroid nasal spray (not the same as the over-the counter nasal sprays that you aren’t supposed to use long term) once a day I end up with a sinus infection. Happens every time I run out and don’t get a refill soon enough or if I experiment, thinking: I’ve been feeling pretty good, maybe I don’t need the Benadryl or the spray every day.

    Sadly I’m pretty immune to Benadryl’s soporific effects. I’ve been on antihistamines ever since I can remember and my system doesn’t really do the sleepy thing unless I take much more than the recommended dose.

  • Those sticky things you put on the bridge of your nose really work and they don’t have any side effects. Except for looking dumb. They’re best for while you are sleeping.

  • Here’s a homeopathic remedy that REALLY helped me during pregnancy.    It’s called SinusBuster and is available at    It’s a nasal spray made from pepper.    I’ll warn you in advance it stings like the dickens when you take it, but I have had amazing results with it and my sinuses are better now than they’ve been at any other point in my life.