Field Trip!

Field Trip!

My sister-in-law, Evy, is great at calling for last minute trips to fun places. This morning she sent me an im, asking if we’d like to join her, the kids, and another mom for a trip to the farm. I didn’t have any plans for this morning, so why not.

This was a great place for kids. We started off in the playground, which was initially overrun with a couple of bus loads of bigger kids. They were not very good at watching out for poor little Bella and had completely overrun the play equipment that was made for munchkins her size. I had to get out my best defensive mommy voice:

“Excuse me, this is really made for little babies, you know.”

“I know.”

“So could you please play on the big kid toys and not trample on the poor babies?” None of them were rude, just thoughtless and acting like any group in a herd.

As soon as I’d chased off one lot, another wave descended like locusts.

So we went to look at the herd of fallow deer and then breathed a sigh of relief as all the school kids were finally rounded up by their chaperones and herded off to the next activity. Bella’s six-year old cousin, Kateri, delighted in leading her around the playground, holding her hand as she climbed up and down a steep ramp and trying to get Bella to point to her head, nose, eyes and other body parts. Bella was not interested in playing that game, though. There were too many new people to watch and new places to explore.

We had a nice picnic lunch, then the kids played some more. Then we explored the menagerie: chickens, peacocks, llamas, sheep, goats. And the older kids begged for quarters so they could feed the llamas. Bella was initially excited about the animals and then busied herself collecting sticks.

We rounded out the day with a trip to the farm store where we got a bunch of cider donuts and a jug of cider. And I got a scrumptious raspberry-currant scone, which was delightfully more like a fruit pie than a scone.

As I predicted, Bella fell asleep on the way home. Sadly, she woke up as I was transferring her to the crib and wouldn’t go back down. Probably the three molars that are all coming in at once.

I wish I’d remembered my camera so I could illustrate this post; but despite the reminder from my sister-in-law, I left it on the couch as I was hurrying out the door. Oh well, next time!

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