Picnic with Bella

Picnic with Bella

We’re finally getting around to downloading some old videos off the camera and this was so cute I just had to share.

Back in May we took advantage of one of the first nice days of spring and had a little family outing, a picnic at the park. Of course, as soon as we got to the park the sun, which had beckoned us forth, disappeared behind the clouds. However, we still had a great time.

Funny thing is Bella is wearing the same pink jacket today that she’s wearing in the video. Still fits.

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  • This is a good book.  Weren’t you intriqued by the way he describes the crucifix when he walks into a Catholic church?  “What kind of god requires human sacrifice?”  And then he is blown away when he finds out that it is God Himself who is on the cross.  Makes you think…

  • Yeah, that was a great moment.

    I really liked the way he handled the conversion to Catholicism. It felt authentic and had some great insights. I thought the way a Hindu looked at the Christian story when he encountered it for the first time was fascinating.

    My disappointment was that Pi never grasped that Christianity, Hinduism and Islam are mutually exclusive, that their claims about the nature of God, the nature of the universe are not compatible if you really believe everything that each faith teaches.