The Karate Kid Strikes Again

The Karate Kid Strikes Again

Isabella just caught a fly with her fingers. It has been buzzing around the house for the last few days and I think was about ready to die anyway. Just before she caught it, it was buzzing against the window pane (the noise attracted her attention) and starting to move more slowly.

I saw the whole thing happen as if in slow motion. She grabbed and missed, grabbed and missed, grabbed and caught it between her thumb and forefinger. Whereupon I exclaimed: “Eeeeww!” and made her drop it. I know where that thing was buzzing before it came into the house: right around our garbage cans!

I disposed of her new friend—not dead, but stunned—with a piece of paper towel.

In related news, this morning I found a piece of bark in the cabinet where we keep the pans. At first I wasn’t sure what that dark shape was. And I was afraid. But then I remembered that she’d brought in some bark from the yard the other day and I’d only found one of the two pieces. And that’s the cupboard she’s most fond of playing in, so I drew the logical conclusion and boldly stuck my hand in and grabbed the blob. So glad I was right.

I can tell the next few years are going ot be interesting.

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  • Ummmm… the closest we have ever had here from the boys is to ask to have a bandana tucked into the back of their shirt and then rush off to go check out their SuperHero cape in the mirror.

    What a darling little girly-girl!

  • Sometimes they do!  Especially if they have sisters!!  My brother used to put on tutus and pantyhose! 

    My daughter definitely takes an interest in “girly” things that my son didn’t give a second thought—purses, shoes, hats…  The purse thing was really cute, and started when she was quite young!!  I wish she’d get into barrettes!! wink

  • The barrettes are definitely a on-again, off-again proposition. Some days they seem to really bother her and she rips them out as soon as I put them in. Others, like today, she begs for them.