Out of the Mouths of Babes

Out of the Mouths of Babes

From my sister-in-law I adopted the practice of stopping to pray a Hail Mary whenever I hear a siren. When I used to babysit my little nieces they’d stop playing and pray, with no prompting from me, whenever a fire truck or ambulance passed on the busy street nearby. And so I’ve been trying to remember to do it when I’m with Bella.

Tonight as I was nursing her before she went to bed, sirens sounded on the street outside and so I said a Hail Mary. A little while later they sounded again, briefly. When I didn’t say a Hail Mary this time, Isabella pulled away, looked me in the eye, folded her hands, and started whispering in a prayer-like manner. So I followed suit and said my Hail Mary.

I though I was teaching her how and when to pray. Seems like she’s also going to be teaching me.

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  • I’ve been afraid that my daughter will try to do just that!  She’s fascinated by all manner of living things.  They’re all “puppies” at this stage, especially the lizard that crawls across the dining room window where she plays.  The first time she noticed flies, she was just FASCINATED!  Unfortunately, there are a number of spiders around, too, and they might bite…