Light of My Life

Light of My Life

One last video clip (for now). This one of Bella was taken right after the iPhone clips. I had put the camera down and resolved to take no more video when I looked up to see this:

Who could resist? The camera was right there and all I had to do was hit the record button.

Watching it again, I realized that she’s tossing the beach toys from grandma that didn’t make it to the beach on Tuesday afternoon. Ironic.

I love the way she pauses to look at her reflection in the oven door. And then glances over her shoulder to see herself. Such a girl!

This is what brightens my day and makes getting up in the morning worth it, even when I’m battling nausea. She brings such joy and energy to everything she does.

Thank you, God, for Isabella.


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  • And of course, as the mom of 4 older children, I can tell you that the terror goes on…but so do the joys!!!  How anyone can say that children are a burden, I don’t know…what my life would be without them is directly reflected in my sister’s (chosen) childless life of worrying about what vitamins she should take & what outfits to buy her dogs.  Praise the Lord for my kids, your kids & all of them!!!

  • We just had a case in Northern California were a 4 year old was left unattended for a long time (at least 10 minutes) in a wave pool and drowned.  Water and unattended children don’t mix!