sdrawkcab gniklaw

sdrawkcab gniklaw

Bella’s new trick: walking backwards. I noticed her doing it this morning before breakfast, shuffling across the living room rug. How cute! After breakfast, I did it myself and she laughed and then backed into the bookcase.

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  • My mother used to know to put all her house plants out of reach when our Jacob was coming to visit. His brothers called him an herbivore, an eater of plants.

  • My daughter foraged for wild strawberries in the mountains of Montana.  I would train your daughter better.

  • Oh, if there were wild strawberries, I’m sure she’d find them, chanting “yummy, yummy” all the while. The problem is we have a paucity of edible plants in our neck of the woods.

    At least she isn’t munching on the oleander…. that would necessitate a call to poison control.

    Of course, if you want to volunteer to take my daughter to Montana so she can learn to forage properly, be my guest.