Bella moods

Bella moods

Sweet: When Bella wakes up screaming and I go to get her. And she continues screaming as I pick her up. But then as I turn, she sees the San Damiano crucifix I just hung over her crib and points at it. (Did I mention her new thing is pointing?) and says sweetly, “Sheesus.” Yes, dear. That’s Jesus.

“Jesus” is her new favorite word, though. It caught on Sunday at mass when I pointed to Him during the consecration and she pointed with me. And leaned her head against my arm and stared at the altar. So I started pointing at the crucifix too and the cross I was wearing. And now she does it too and says, “Sheesus.” Which sounds an awful lot like “shoes” when she says it; but I think I can tell the difference from context.

Evidently Jesus is also ba-boo. She told me so thins morning. Ba-boo is her word for doggie. I think. Since doggies are the coolest thing in Bella world, I guess that means Jesus is cool too. Or maybe I’m completely misunderstanding her. I’m just a raw novice at Bella speak.

Ick: It’s never good when the baby comes toddling into the room, sippy cup in her mouth, your cell phone in hand and a dark smudge around her mouth and on her hands. What could she have gotten into? I ask Dom via IM. Um, I hate to say it, he says. But how’s her diaper? Eew. It’s dirty!!!!

But the stove-side cabinet door is open. Maybe it was just grease from one of the pans. A mother can hope.

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