Bella’s Teeth

Bella’s Teeth


This is the first picture I’ve been able to take in which you can actually see some of her teeth. Such a cute little smile!

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  • Everything I’ve read on the subject suggests that children who are learning to walk do best barefoot when possible and that, if shoes are needed for warmth or protection, they do best with those that have soft, flexible, non-skid soles.

    We have three pairs of moccasin like slip-on shoes with soft leather bottoms. They seem to work quite well for her.

  • That should have been sturdy, not stury.
    I’ve heard of the barefoot is best also, but you said she avoids gravel and such -I just thought maybe her little feet are hurting and I know I don’t like walking outside in my slippers.

  • Funny, I didn’t even notice you dropped the d in sturdy.

    She’s not avoiding the gravel anymore. I think the real issue there was first that there was a step of about two or three inches down into the graveled area and she wasn’t confident about the drop and two that the gravel isn’t as level and even, harder to get a firm footing when you’re wobbly to begin with. She had the same reaction to the grass at first.

    But my intrepid little explorer is making huge leaps these days. She no longer even pauses at the threshold with its 1 inch step. And she’s even getting good at going down the stairs.