Stopping to Pick the Flowers

Stopping to Pick the Flowers

When we go to the park, I’ve been showing Bella how to pick flowers. We’ve been blowing dandelions and I’ve also picked some little wildflowers and given them to her to hold.

So today she was wandering up and down along the path, pausing to pick up sticks and stones and dead leaves, to let the sand and gravel run through her fingers, and then I saw her squat down (aren’t baby’s squats so adorable?). She’d seen a little yellow flower like the one’s we’d been picking yesterday. She grabbed it delicately between two fingers and pulled. How sweet.

Of course, she crushed it in one fist and dropped it and then proceeded to pick a bunch of grass. But I stopped for a minute and imagined the day she’ll be picking flowers and bringing them to me. I’ve got to get a little vase to hold all those sweet posies.

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  • Melanie, well I know that stage, and you have described it SO well! The heartbreak of seeing your enthusiastic child fall and hurt herself, or have to hold her back from exploring the world to protect her. Christina, has been in this phase for three years!!