First Tooth

First Tooth

My suspicions were correct. Today I finally felt it as well as saw it, a sharp little point just peeking through her lower gums.

I’ve been giving her some children’s Tylenol because she’s seemed a bit cranky. I tried to give her a cold teething ring that I bought today while out running errands. She was fascinated with her new toy but didn’t put it in her mouth at all that I could see. However, she did very much enjoy the stalk of frozen broccoli I gave her to munch on at dinner. 

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  • besides, grandmom likes the pictures and little anecdotes too!

    I feel I can be there in spirit more easily as I see new pictures and read about new teeth, new Bella adventures, the books you are reading, the reflections you have: so keep it up!

    It’s like dropping in for 30 minutes for a cup of tea and getting to hug you all! <and you don’t have to go to the airport and get me this way>

  • “(Dom thinks I’m driving all my readers away by the constant barrage of pictures. He says I’m in danger of becoming one of those people who thinks their child is the most beautiful thing in the world and that everyone else must therefore must be as interested in her as I am.”

    Tell your dear husband that your readers (the mothers among us) understand. Totally. grin