Bella’s new noises

Bella’s new noises

Her latest sounds are disturbing me. She’s been making this noise that I’m pretty sure is an imitation of my clearing my throat. It’s a fakey kind of imitation throat clearing, cuh, huh, huh, that really grates.

Then there’s this growling whispering sound she does that’s halfway between an asthma attack and a horror movie possession (like something from The Exorcist). It isn’t asthma because she starts and stops it at will, grunting and rasping one moment and warbling high and clear the next. But it kinda creeps me out.

I really hope this is a phase she grows out of soon. 

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  • “will fill the room of our heart to overflowing”

    Yes, that’s it exactly. Thank you for those words. Some nights my eyes overflow because my heart is so full. Some days I wonder how there’s room to pack in any more of her little laughs, her head tilts, her holding her breath when she screams and all the other little moments. I take picture after picture, and still can’t catch or keep them all. They are like the faded roses in my wedding bouquet, they have some of the outline but none of the sweet odor or the living freshness. At most they are hints and suggestions to point toward what was. But I’m glad to share them, to share some of my joy.

  • The little moments with our little ones will fill the room of our heart to overflowing…and pass so quickly. Thanks for sharing some of yours.