Games and Diversions

Games and Diversions

My sister gave Isabella a couple of very cute finger puppets for Christmas, a hedgehog and an ostrich. At first Bella would have nothing to do with the ostrich chick, though she loved the hedgehog. Now she’s pulled the ostrich out of the toy basket and is using it to scrub the floor. Poor little bird! I have no idea where this behavior is coming from. Kids are so odd.

Bella’s other new trick today is playing peek-a-boo with daddy. She pulled one of her jackets out of a pile and started holding the sleeve up in front of her face. Dom was puzzled at first, then realized she was playing and started saying “peek-a-boo” to her. How cute is that?

Bella is really loving the freedom of picking out her own toys from the basket rather than bing dependent on mom’s selection. So fun to see her gaining independence and self-sufficiency.

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  • I can’t believe how much she looks like you and your sister!  Gorgeous!

    Man, I wish she was in focus in the second picture.  She looks like she’s plotting revenge, or to take over the world.  When John’s daughter was born, he made a baby book for her by cutting her face out of baby pictures (this was before digital cameras were common) and gluing them over the faces of famous criminals.  Bella’s face in that second shot just reminded me of my infant niece as Bonnie, plotting mayhem with Clyde.

    The other thing John used to do with her: WHen she fussed, he’d pick her up and run through the house with her, growling, “Baby wants blood!”  She loved it.

    And she’s now almost ten, completely normal, and the girliest girl that ever walked the earth.  Would you believe it?

  • She looks like she’s plotting revenge, or to take over the world.

    That’s what Theresa said. She does look rather sneaky there.

    Why am I not surprised to find out about John’s version of a baby book… But of course she turned out girly, she takes after her mom. 

  • Well, yes, she does.  But she’s as skinny as Patty and as short as John, which makes her look like she should avoid walking in high winds.

  • Melanie, Mandy has told me on more than one occasion that our brothers always look like they are plotting something.  So it really shouldn’t surprise us that Bella also bears this trait.