New photos of Isabella

Dom has finally uploaded some more photos. (See them all here.)

Please note, there were more than 150 on the camera, I’m a bit of a shutterbug. The ones online are just a fraction of what I’ve taken.

Here’s a sampling of my favorites:


Whenever I’m blue, all I have to do is look at this little laughing face. Who could be grouchy or sad with Bella around? Well, ok, I sometimes am. But not for very long.


Just look at that face. Imagine seeing that every time you walk into a room! When she gets a glimpse of Dom or I through a door or when we enter a room, she just lights up.


My sister came for Thanksgiving. We could hardly pry the baby away from her. Here she is posing with Bella in the hat she knit for her.



Yes, I’m a bookworm; but I don’t spend much time reading to Bella now. Why not? Because she thinks books are for eating. Even trying to turn the pages becomes a tug-of-war. She isn’t interested in the pictures. She just wants it in her mouth.


Bella rolling all over the place. Notice her armband. She loves chewing on the mason jar rings. How she got it on her arm, though, I don’t know.


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