Isabella Updates

Isabella Updates

When we went to the doctor again, among other things, he suggested giving Isabella some yogurt to soothe her stomach. So the past couple of days she’s been enjoying some yo baby yogurts. I’ve already been eating them for some time, I love the rich creamy taste of whole milk yogurt. It’s much more like pudding than the sour icky fat free stuff. I started her off with banana because she’s really been liking bananas. It went down pretty easily. Today I tried some vanilla which got a bit more of a face. But she did eat it. Generally I mix her fruits and veggies in with the cereal; stirring it very little, though, so some bites are almost all cereal and some are almost all fruit. I did the same with the yogurt.

She’s absolutely loving standing up holding on to the side of the crib or playpen. She’s even figured out how to ease herself down to a sitting position. Though sometimes she forgets and lets go with a big plop.

Her new favorite sound is a lip smacking, rather like the kisses I’m always showering her with. Very cute. And she loves it when I do it back to her. She’s also mastering the bababa sounds. She did some mamamas the other day, too; but it was when she was screaming about my changing her diaper, so it wasn’t exactly music to my ears.

It is so wonderful to see her sitting calmly in the middle of the floor, playing with her toys. She’s getting quite good at bending over and picking things up. She’s also figured out how to pull the quilt closer to get at a toy that’s beyond her reach.

She hasn’t quite mastered crawling. I wonder if the hardwood floors make it harder for her to get a purchase. She’s getting closer, though, pushing up on her hands and knees. She’s quite good at using furniture and doorframes to push herself off of or to turn herself about. It’s funny to watch her rolling around while clutching some toy or book. She’s quite tenacious and will circumnavigate the living room without letting go of the precious object.

And her new favorite game is rolling under the swing and pushing it or kicking it. She’s not so thrilled about actually sitting in it anymore. Guess it’s almost time for the swing to retire.

I keep meaning to buy some balls when I’m out. I think she’d really like rolling them around. Need to get some more blocks, too. She’s got three plastic cubes and is quite obsessed with knocking them down whenever I stack them up. It’s got to be a compulsion hardwired in: must knock down cubes. No two cubes must remain one on top of another.

She’s also getting quite good at drinking from my water glass. Not quite as good at figuring out the sippy cup.

Dom came into the living room this afternoon, asking, what’s that noise. Isabella’s rattling her chain, I said.

So much fun. I’ve been taking pictures. Will get more up eventually.

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