Isabella Updates

Isabella Updates

I took Bella to the doctor this morning. She’d gained four ounces since Monday, so she’s getting enough to eat. The doctor said I’m probably right about the stomach bug. And as I suspected, there’s not really anything to do except try to make her as comfortable as possible. And really, except for the irritated skin, she seems to be feeling well enough.

Did I mention that she’s now able to stand up holding onto the crib rail for several minutes at a time? She absolutely loves it, was giggling at me this morning when I propped her up. She’s even able to let go with one hand and then reattach herself. Though she does still have a tendency to let go and fall quite abruptly.

She almost seems like a different person to me now that she spends more time sitting up than lying down. She’ll play quite contentedly for almost an hour as long as there are toys within reach. She still likes to roll around and explore, but it doesn’t seem to have the same urgency as before. She’s pretty well explored most of the areas that are not off-limits.

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  • Your birthday is the same as the Battle of the Nile?! Cool!

    And I see that August 6 is an “auspicius” feast day. How “apt”. smile