Isabella’s six month checkup

Isabella’s six month checkup

Bella is now 17 pounds, 1 ounce (50th percentile for weight) and 26 inches long (80th percetile for height).

She got four shots today, poor thing. Three immunizations and one flu shot. It’s a terrible thing to hold your child down while someone sticks needles into her and she screams, blood running down her legs and tears running down her face. But it wasn’t as bad as the last two times. And I knew she’d be over it pretty quickly. And she was.

I had a harder night last night. But more because I couldn’t get back to sleep after her 3:30 wake-up. It took a mug of warm milk and a snack of banana and pecan pie and a half hour reading my mystery novel in the kitchen. Fortunately Dom took Bella after her 6 am wake-up and I got to sleep in until almost 9. Sheer luxury.

We had a bit of snow this morning, the first of the season. But it didn’t stick. Sunny this afternoon, if chilly.

Bella’s been doing pretty well. A little fussy for a while. But then she played in her crib while I ate lunch and for the last hour she’s been rolling around under the dining room table. What is it with children and small, confined places? They seem to love nooks and crannies, closets and under furniture. Once my sister slept in the closet while we were on vacation and she never heard the end of it. But I recallI used to have a little play area set up in my bedroom closet and I go sit there and read.

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