Isabella’s first solid food: Rice cereal!

Isabella’s first solid food: Rice cereal!

Recorded November 1, 2006.


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  • This is beautiful.  I heartily agree.  They must be introduced to the God-Man, not the religion. 

    My daughters saw Miranda at the top of your blog and were so excited.  We studied this particular picture last week and this is the third time they have stumbled across it naturally.  I love to watch the beauty of the world unfold before them as they broaden their interests.

    Enjoyed your blog.


  • I remeber that feeling of discovery, after learning an artist or a picture or a word, the thrill wehn you stumble across it. Glad to hear I was able to be a part of your daughters’ explorations.

    I love Waterhouse, but I’d never seen this picture until I stumbled upon it while hunting for banner images for my blog. I was thinking of something that more literally matched the blog title, a sunset in the Greek isles, perhaps. But this one suits me better I think.

    Glad you’ve enjoyed the blog. i’m a big fan of yours as well.