Other Bella Updates

Other Bella Updates

She’s starting to scootch, using her hands and feet to propel her in addition to the rolling. She loves wandering all over the living room, exploring the furniture, taking it all in.

She’s also loving peek-a-boo, laughing and laughing and laughing. She has a delightful little giggle now, it’s not all squawks, though she does still do some of those as well.

And she’s able to stand up for several minutes holding onto my thumbs with no other support. Such a strong girl.

She’s starting to be pretty reliable at going to bed sometime between six and seven. Though last night she woke up again after about an hour and a half and didn’t go back down until after ten. She’s generally been doing fewer night wake-ups, too. Often she’ll make it to four or five. At which point I’ll hear her laughing to herself for a while before she gets frantic and demands to be picked up and fed.

But she’s still more interested in eating books than looking at the pictures. And that’s ok.

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